International Conference on Neuroscience and Mental Health

On February 26th, 2021, Faculty of Psychology of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University held its third annual international conference inviting Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu, dr. Rizki Edmi Edison, P. hD, and Dr. Neneng Tati Sumiati, M. Si., Psychologist, on topic of “Applying Neuroscience Perspective to Improve Mental Health” as a collaboration with Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness (GIMBC), Taipei. Joined by close to 200 people via zoom meeting from various universities, the webinar tackled the issue of mental health amidst covid-19 pandemic using neuroscience approach.

Picture 1. The Speakers and the participants take a photo together after the international seminar ends

The host, Muthia Rahmah, an undergraduate student of faculty of psychology, guided and started the event by welcoming all the speakers and participants to the webinar. The dean of Psychology Faculty, Dr. Zahrotun Nihayah, M. Si., then delivered her welcoming speech by stating her concerns on covid-19 negative impacts on mental health and her excitement at the rising popularity of neuroscience even amongst psychology researchers.

The rector of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Amany Lubis, MA, delivered a keynote speech involving a statement in regards to how neuroscience correlates with not only physical but also mental processes. The rector also stated that the webinar is one of the strategies to educate people on the importance of having mental awareness to persevere amidst the pandemic. The rector acknowledged and appreciated Faculty of Psychology on its effort to open new paradigms in the new normal era.

The host welcomed Mulia Sari Dewi, M. Si., as the webinar’s moderator. Mulia Sari Dewi, M. Si., gained her magister title from Universitas Indonesia in 2005 and obtained a certification of Educational Assessment in Adelaide University South Australia in 2017. Upon welcoming and reading the CV from each speaker, Mulia Sari Dewi, M. Si., handed the platform over to the speakers.

Picture 2. Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu from Taiwan presented her point of view

The first speaker, Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu presented her point of view and experiment on the neural correlation of rumination and self-related process using advanced EEG to monitor brain’s signal response upon receiving stimuli. The first presentation was followed by dr. Rizki Edmi Edison, P. hD, with his view and experience on the application of neuroimaging in neuroscience and psychology. The last speaker, Dr. Neneng Tati Sumiati, M. Si., Pychologist, delivered her speech on the neuroscience perspective of religiosity/spirituality and mental health. The insightful Q&A session closed the panels’ presentations. The webinar was closed with a prayer lead by Dr. Gazi, the vice dean of administrative and finance department.